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The history of the Kothari’s Patwa Haveli dates back to early eighteenth century, when the patwas were struggling to set up their trade and business. On the advice of a priest at the Jain Temple, the patwa brothers left Jaisalmer with the intention of never returning (they were advised by the priest that their business could not flourish in Jaisalmer). The legend has it that the patwas were immensely successful thereafter and their business spanned across banking & finance, silver, brocade and opium trade.
Eventually, patwas rose to such heights that they were called upon to finance the state deficit. This brought the clan back to their old habitat. The then head of the family, Ghuman Chand Patwa, decided to gift each of his five sons a separate and elaborate mansion, ignoring the advice of the priest. Thus came up the five grandiose havelis facing the Jailsamer Fort.

Unfortunately, the lives of the patwas took a ‘u’ turn after their return to Jaisalmer and their fortunes started dwindling. Consequently, they had to abandon the city-state again, leaving the havelis at the mercy of care takers. The care takers became the owners in the course of time and decided to put the havelis up for sale. Care taker of the first haveli approached Mr. Jeevanlalji Kothari, who was a native of Jaisalmer and like patwas had left Jaisalmer to explore better opportunities. Mr. Kothari, with a view to remain connected with his native place, decided to buy the first haveli. Hence it was renamed as the Kothari’s Patwa Haveli.
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